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Children’s Dentistry in Reedsburg, WI

We Care About Kids!Pediatric Dental Care Reedsburg WI

At Hatch Dental, we thrill in making children of all ages excited to visit their dentist. In our office, your child will receive the latest technology delivered with concern, attentiveness, and empathy. We aim to teach them proper dental habits and show them how to keep their teeth healthy for life. We measure our success in happy parents and children, because no child should grow up with dental anxiety.

Choose Your Child's Dentist with the Same Care as Choosing Their Pediatrician

Instilling good habits early, in an environment that's comfortable and fun, is essential for a lifetime of good oral health. It's important to be aware of the reasons children's teeth can be very susceptible to cavities at a young age. Kids aren't able to brush well on their own, so we encourage parents to be involved in their child's daily dental care to ensure both thorough cleaning and the development of proper dental habits. Acid increases the risk of cavities when there is prolonged exposure. This can happen with little kids that tend to "graze," or eat small meals throughout the day. It can also happen when a tooth is not as clean as it should be, stimulating acid production. The good news is that identifying poor dietary and hygiene habits, along with applying a fluoride varnish to the mineralizing teeth, can significantly reduce the chance of your child having a cavity.

Catching Cavities While They're SmallDental Decay Detection Reedsburg WI

DEXIS CariVu™ is a portable caries (cavity) detection device that utilizes patented transillumination technology for the identification of carious lesions and cracks. Transillumination technology works in near-infrared light. Under these lighting conditions, tooth enamel will appear transparent while porous lesions will appear dark. Early detection of oral health issues is the key to helping children grow up with all their own teeth and to minimize the need for fillings and crowns. Dr. Hatch is dedicated to providing your child with the best modern dentistry has to offer in the way of protections and detections.

Prevent Childhood Tooth Decay – the Easy Way!Preventive Dental Sealants Reedsburg WI

We all know that the ability to brush your teeth correctly is an acquired skill. Even with meticulous brushing, the deep grooves behind your teeth are sometimes missed. Dental sealants form a barrier between your child's teeth and the consequences of improper brushing; a protective layer that shields against bacteria, food acid, and plaque formation. Fewer damaged teeth in childhood means a lifetime of better oral health.

Here's how teeth are sealed: The tooth (or teeth) is cleansed and sterilized. A thin white or clear plastic coating is applied. The sealant is bonded in place with a curing light. Without shots, drills, or removal of any tooth structure, the whole treatment can be done in minutes. It's non-toxic and effective. In the endeavor to protect your child's natural teeth, dental sealants can't be beat!

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